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Tickets and prices

The school bus service uses the new AvanchiCard for Students and Young People and also, the pre-paid paper ticket books. Cash payments are not possible on these services.

Travel to and from school is currently charged at 70p per journey. Pre-paid single journey school bus vouchers are available in booklets of 10. Please note that paper ticket book stocks at local shops will no longer be replenished after 1 January 2014. However, should you have paper tickets left over, these will be accepted on bus after the switch over date.

Both pre-paid vouchers and cash are accepted on the LibertyBus scheduled services network. Please note that school bus vouchers are valid on the schduled services on network Monday - Friday, until 1900hrs.

For school journeys, you can change buses without paying again: If you start your journey on a scheduled bus service, when you hand your payment to the driver, you will be issued with a ticket. You must keep this ticket because you can use it to catch a second bus (only for transfers between services for travel to or from school).

AvanchiCard for School and Young People’s Travel

Get on board > Press > Go! and say goodbye to paper ticket books.

Register, top-up and view your balance online by clicking here.


LibertyBus took over as the Public and School Network bus operator in Jersey in January 2013. As part of a range of service improvements we are launching smartcard ticketing to improve boarding and ease of ticket distribution and make bus travel more popular choice for young people in Jersey.

The AvanchiCard is now available from Liberation Station for all students.

Who’s eligible? 

• Young People aged between ages 3-16
• Those in full time education and resident on the island (6th form colleges only)

The AvanchiCard will provide will provide a number of benefits:

• Faster boarding times
• Avoid the need for cash top-up
• No need for change on public services

What is the top-up process?

In order to allow the easy addition of credit to the card top-up would be available:

• At the station, through cash credit/debit card payments
• Online via credit/debit card (Beta testing underway, full roll-out due September/October 2013)

What if I lose my card?

Lost cards can be reported and “hot listed” to inactive status by contacting the Liberation Station information desk in person or via phone. We can transfer the credit balances from one card to another and the reporting of potentially fraudulent transactions which can be credited back to an account. Please note that a replacement card will cost £2.00 to cover the cost of the card and a small admin fee.

Do all students travelling on the school bus have to get an AvanchiCard?

For the time being, pre-paid school tickets will still be accepted on the network. The aim is to roll-out the student AvanchiCard over September and October, with a view to phasing out pre-paid paper tickets completely towards the end of 2013.

Will it cost me more if I am using my AvanchiCard on the bus instead of paper tickets?

The fare will remain at 70p per journey for all student travel.

Where can we register and top-up?

Please click here and you will be taken to the LibertyBus shop to register and top-up your card. Please remember that it takes up to 24 hours from registration and top-up for your card to be activated. We can assure you that we are using the quickest form of online top-up for smart ticketing on-bus.

How will I know when my balance is low on the card?

When you board the bus, place the student AvanchiCard on the yellow card reader on the ticket machine. The green light will flash quickly a few times, and then turn a static green. A ticket will then be printed out of the machine, and this will tell you how many journeys you have left on your card. 

What number do I call if I have a problem with my card, or any questions?

Our customer service team are contactable on 01534 828555, or by email:



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