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School bus guide

At LibertyBus, we understand that providing a great journey to school is part of having a great day at school. We provide a schools transport service on behalf the States of Jersey, ensuring that children and young people can get to school on time – and home again – in safety and comfort.

How does it work?
Which schools does it serve?
Where to catch the school bus
School bus fares
Getting off a bus
If you leave something behind on the bus
What to do if the bus doesn't stop, is full, or is more than 10 minutes late
What if the bus is late arriving at school?
If the bus breaks down or gets stuck in bad weather
If the bus is involved in an accident

How does it work?

Children and young people can use the service to get to and from school in several different ways.

  • There are dedicated school bus services that operate during term time. Children and young people can catch these at regular bus stops and at some specially marked school bus stops
  • If a child lives on a regular bus route, they can also travel to and from on a regular bus service
  • If a child or young person needs to change from one bus to another to get to or from school , they can do so without the need to use another ticket. The driver will issue a transfer ticket to all children who need to change buses
  • Children and young people can also use scheduled services.  They can also travel free on a scheduled service if they are in their school uniform and are catching the bus between 7am - 9am and 3pm - 6pm, and in position of a valid school ticket

On the return journey, the dedicated school bus service will collect children and young people from their schools, dropping them off at bus stops along their route.

Which schools does it serve?

The dedicated schools network reaches the following schools:

  • Beaulieu
  • De La Salle
  • FCJ
  • JCG
  • Victoria College
  • Les Quennevais
  • Grainville
  • Haute Vallée
  • Le Rocquier

Where to catch the school bus

School buses stop both at regular bus stops and at special school bus stops. You’ll need to make your way to the nearest stop that has a bus serving your school – on foot, on another school bus, on a regular bus or get a lift from a person with your parents’/guardians’ approval as far as the nearest stop. You can see the full list of school bus services here.

Please make sure that you get to the bus stop in good time (at least 5 minutes before) as the school bus will not be able to wait for you.  

School bus fares

You can pay for your school bus journeys using school travel vouchers – full details are available on our schools tickets and prices page

Getting off a bus

Make sure you leave the bus with all your belongings. Never cross the road either in front of, or behind the bus – as this is very dangerous. Wait until it moves away and you can see clearly.

If you leave something behind on the bus

Call us as soon as you can on 828555. Let us know your school and bus number and what you have lost. It’s a good idea to label your possessions with your name and the name of your school.

What to do if the bus doesn't stop, is full, or is more than 10 minutes late

You have a number of ‘plan B’ options. You might wish to work out which will work best for you in advance and discuss them with your parents.

  • If you are catching your bus on a road served by lots of school buses (for example in town or along the inner road west of town), flag the next one down. If the next one isn’t going to your school, board it anyway and tell the driver what happened. He will either take you there if he can or will radio for another of your school’s buses to try to collect you.
  • You can use your travel voucher on a regular service bus, so if the next one of those takes you close enough to walk to school, this may be another option.
  • If neither of the above are practical and you have access to a mobile phone or telephone, you should call us on 828555 and explain your problem to an inspector. They will collect you if they can.
  • As a last resort, return home and tell your parents. If they have gone to work, and we can’t collect you, phone your parents as soon as possible and then phone school at 08:30. They both need to know where you are.

What if the bus is late arriving at school?

Every effort is made to get you to school with at least 10 minutes to spare. Sometimes, traffic congestion, roadworks and diversions can cause delays. If your school bus is late, you will be arriving with others in the same situation. Tell the school office when you arrive so that teachers can be informed.

If the bus was late, you informed the school office when you arrived you believe your teacher is being unreasonable about that – please ask your parents to take the matter up with the school direct.

If the bus breaks down or gets stuck in bad weather

Please stay on the bus until help arrives and behave responsibly. Our drivers are trained in these situations and you must follow their instructions.

If the bus is involved in an accident

Follow the driver's instructions but do not leave the scene unless instructed to do so by the police or emergency crews.

Use a mobile phone to contact your parents if you need to, but since the police may need a witness statement from you, again do not leave the scene without permission.

If you are asked to get off the bus, please be aware of other vehicles and stand in a safe place. Ask for help if you are not sure.


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