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Prices and tickets

From 2 January 2013, LibertyBus will maintain the existing fare structure, which means that you can expect a better, more frequent level of service - for the same price.

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We’d like to reassure all our customers that any bus pass due to expire after 2 January 2013 will honoured until the expiry date on the pass. The policy covers all forms of bus pass – concessionary passes (free travel for older people), monthly and weekly passes, commuter passes and the vouchers used for school travel. After the pass expires, all existing types of pass are available for renewal. Please see our press release for more details 

Single Journey

You can buy your ticket from the driver on the bus. Your fare will be based on the distance of your journey and which fare band you are travelling in:

Fare Band A: £1.20

Fare Band B: £1.70

Our full fare table is available here.

Young People's single journey fare

It is free to travel on LibertyBus for children under 3 years. Children aged 3-15 years inclusive and students in full time education pay a 70p fare. However, the driver can request to see a proof of age card or student card. Please note that school bus tickets are valid on the network Monday - Friday, until 1900hrs.

Commuter Passes

Regular commuters can purchase a 5 day, 6 day or monthly pass, which are more economical than purchasing a daily ticket.

These tickets are valid for two journeys per day - helping you save money on your commute.  

Fare Band 5-day pass 6-day pass Monthly Pass
A £9.35 £11.20 £34.65
B £13.60 £16.30 £50.40

Multi-journey passes 

These passes give you unlimited travel for the duration indicated on the ticket purchased. These are sold at Liberation Station. Please bear in mind that only the 1 day individual multi-journey pass can be purchased onboard the bus.

Length of Pass Individual Pass Family Pass
1 Day £7.00 £18.00
3 Day £19.00 £41.00
7 Day £28.00 £56.00
Weekend/ 2 Day £13.50 £30.00
Annual £537.35  n/a

Concessionary passes (older person's free bus pass) 

Holders of a Concessionary card issued in the Balliwick of Jersey will be carried free of charge on any service, upon production of this card.  When the card is presented, the driver will issue them with a ticket stating the journey that they are making. You can find out more about Concessionary travel here

Please remember to collect your ticket when you have paid the driver the corresponding fare.


Your feedback

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