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Introducing the AvanchiCard – Jersey’s new smartcard

Over the course of 2013, LibertyBus will be introducing Jersey’s new travel smartcard – the AvanchiCard.

The AvanchiCard will bring great benefits to the travelling public:

  • Cashless transactions mean no more hunting around for change
  • Faster boarding means quicker bus journeys – helping you reach your destination faster
  • Online top-up and renewal means no more queuing for passes and season tickets

Registering your AvanchiCard

To register your AvanchiCard on our beta site, click here.

The AvanchiCard roll-out

The AvanchiCard system is being rolled-out over the course of 2013, after a phased introduction.

Already in circulation are the following AvanchiCards:

AvanchiCard concession (senior citizen card)

AvanchiCard visitor (various unlimited single and family passes for visitors to the Island)

AvanchiCard Commuter (Monthly or weekly commuter passes)

AvanchiCard Unlimited (Annual & Monthly unlimited)

The AvanchiCard Student is currently being beta tested by a group of students and will be live shortly. You can pick up an application form from our information desk at Liberation Station or download one here.

The first card is free and prices for individual bus fares (fare bands A and B) are exactly the same for locals and visitors to the Island. We can also ‘hot-list’ a lost or stolen card, and transfer the balance to a new card to ensure there is no loss of credit.

What is the top-up process?

In order to allow the easy addition of credit to the card top-up would be available:

• At the station, through cash credit/debit card payments (currently available)
• Online via credit/debit card (Beta testing underway, full roll-out due September/October 2013)

Customers will shortly also be able to add credit to their AvanchiCard so they can pay as they go. More details on this product coming very soon.

We will keep Islanders fully up to date on the very latest AvanchiCard developments here on our website.

Key AvanchiCard facts

The name AvanchiCard comes from avanchi, which means advance or move forward in Jèrriais – Jersey’s traditional language. The name was chosen by Jersey’s children and young people through a competition organised with local schools.

Smartcard systems like the Avanchi card bring real benefits to the travelling public. To board a bus using the AvanchiCard a customer will simply need to tell the driver where they are going and touch the card on a bright yellow card reader.

Alternatively, the full range of great value passes will also be available on AvanchiCards. When the customer has used their credits or the pass expires, customers can add fresh credit or fresh passes to their existing cards either online or at Liberation Station.

The Concessionary Passes scheme that provides free bus travel for older people in Jersey will also use AvanchiCard technology.

Terms and conditions can be found here.


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