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Routes & Times

A picture of the Jersey coast at sunset

The LibertyBus network of bus routes provides a high frequency of services to the Island’s main shopping centres, workplaces, beaches and visitor attractions – and our modern bus fleet offers a very comfortable and passenger-friendly ride. Most of our bus services operate daily and will take you almost anywhere on the Island.

This section of the website will give you everything you need to know to get out and about by bus:

Live times

This feature shows real time bus stop information, where available, for every bus stop on Jersey. Just click on the bus stop you are interested in and it will show the next departures. The network map shows the main bus stops  - most, but not all of which are shown inbound towards Liberation Station– quick and easy if you are in one of the main centres.

The full geographic map covers every bus stop in the Island – just zoom in to find the stop you’re looking for. You can even add bus routes and key visitor attractions onto the map to help you find your stop.

Please note: The live times feature is currently using information from the timetable, rather than live times.  We’re testing the full system at the moment – we  could only start when we were operating a live bus network.  In the meantime you can use the Text My Bus service to receive live next bus information. 

Journey planner

The journey planner aims to help you find the right bus for your trip. It’s really easy to use – and you’ll be on your way in three easy steps

  • Select the start and end points of your trip by clicking bus stops on the map, or typing into the form on the left.
  • Add the date and time for your trip into the form.
  • Press ‘Plan my trip’ button and get your trip results

As with our live times functions, you can switch between a simplified network map that shows the main destinations and a full geographic map where you can zoom in to plan journeys between every bus stop in Jersey. Visitors can also add key tourist destinations at the touch of a button, helping you find the nearest bus stop and get the most out of your stay.

The results will show you three different choices – later services or a different way of making the journey if possible. Just click on the different options to show them on your map. The results will also show you the full timetable to help you plan your trip back, and – if you make this trip regularly, you might want to print yourself a personal timetable for the journey.

Feedback logo

The trip planner is automated and, from time to time, it might give you a result that you know isn’t the best way of going. If that happens, you can help us improve the journey planner by letting us know. Every page on this website has a feedback button – just press that to tell us if you encounter a problem.


Our timetables page provides the latest timetables for the service, simply click on the route number and the site will show the basic timetable. To help you work out whether it’s the right route, you can see the route drawn on a map. If you want to see the full timetable – ideal if you need to look up infrequent services – just select the full timetable option.

A good tip when using the timetable page is to use the scroll bar to bring your journey time right next to the list of stops, helping you to avoid following long columns of numbers.

Live service updates

As with any bus service, things like roadworks, short notice diversions or other incidents can cause delays or disruptions. We’ll be posting these on our twitter feed, @libertybusje, so our customers can receive up-to-the-minute news.

Don’t worry if twitter is not your cup of tea, as we’ll post all of this information on our live service updates page automatically.

Prices and tickets

Our prices and tickets page shows the full range of our bus fares and details of our passes and season tickets

Times to my mobile

To receive accurate timetable information on your mobile, send the bus stop number as a text message to 66556. 


Where we know about diversions in advance, we’ll provide you with plenty of notice on our diversions page.


Your feedback

Please help us to improve our service by letting us know what you think. If you'd like us to get back to you about your comment, don't forget to leave your name and contact details.