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LibertyBus confirms it will honour all passes

CT Plus Jersey, operator of Jersey’s new bus service, LibertyBus, confirmed today that any bus pass due to expire after 2 January 2013 will honoured until the expiry date on the pass. The policy covers all forms of bus pass – concessionary passes (free travel for older people), monthly and weekly passes, commuter passes and the vouchers used for school travel. After the pass expires, all existing types of pass are available for renewal.

Holders of a concessionary pass issued in Jersey – a Jersey older person’s free bus pass – will continue to receive free travel on any service on production of this card. The driver will check the customer’s destination and provide a ticket – at no cost, which should be kept for the journey.

New concessionary passes will continue to be issued to older people who become eligible after 2 January 2013, using exactly the same criteria as before.

By February 2013, we aim to introduce a ‘while-you-wait’ process that allows us to issue concessionary passes immediately to eligible older people at Liberation Station. Older people will be able to turn up at Liberation Station with the relevant ID and proof of residence and be able to have their new concession pass made then and there- rather than waiting to receive them by post. More details on how this will work will be made available soon.

Renewing passes from 2 January

  • Commuter and unlimited travel passes can be purchased as usual from Liberation Station at their 2012 prices
  • School travel vouchers will be available as normal
  • Concessionary passes for older people that expire after 2 January 2013 can be exchanged for a new pass at Liberation Station. These will be available from February 2013 – so if a concessionary pass expires in January, the holder can keep using it until then. Holders of a concessionary pass will need just need to bring their old pass.
  • Health Insurance Exception (HIE) travel passes that expire after 2 January 2013 can be renewed using exactly the same process as for concessions.

New free bus passes for older people

Exactly as before, older Jerseymen and women are entitled to free travel on the Islands buses (known as a concessionary pass) and are eligible if they meet one or more of the following criteria.

These are:

  • A permanent resident of Jersey aged 65 or over, or
  • A permanent resident of Jersey in possession of a Jersey Social Security pension card or:
  • A woman born in Jersey prior to 1 January 1959 aged 60 or over in possession of a Jersey Social Security pension card or a birth certificate

Those eligible to apply should ask for the form at Liberation Station, Parish Offices and Post Offices.


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