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Dai Powell's Blog Part 2 - Why are Unite striking?

The reaction to the notification of strike action by the union has not come as a great surprise, although as I recently wrote, I do not want all our drivers tarred with the same brush as the contempt shown to the people of Jersey by the Union.

So what is the strike about, I will let you decide. The Union balloted for strike to support two drivers who no longer work for LibertyBus. The Union know there is only one driver that is in dispute, the 2nd ex driver is no longer in dispute. Have they told their members this? Why are they asking for a mandate for two drivers when there is only one?

The one driver, whom we did dismiss, is still going through due process and we are awaiting a hearing at employment tribunal, so why are they striking now and not waiting until due process is complete?

This driver drove off whilst a passenger was getting off the bus and was prosecuted by the police for the incident. Do the union think it is unreasonable to dismiss someone for such a serious incident when a passenger was injured? What do they think would happen if we did not act and the driver had another incident, where maybe a child was hurt? Do they think we would be in the right or wrong? What do they think the public would think about us in that situation?

To put the people of Jersey through five days of disruption is inexcusable; we think we acted in a reasonable and fair way, in the circumstances. However the dispute will be decided in tribunal and we will abide by their decision, to strike now whilst this process is not complete makes me wonder if this is the real reason for the strike. Should the union tell the people of Jersey what the real reasons for the strike are?

Dai Powell



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