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LibertyBus is frustrated by Unite’s unavailability to meet for discussions

LibertyBus is frustrated by Unite’s unavailability to meet for discussions at the earliest opportunity available. LibertyBus offered to urgently meet with Unite today, Friday 26 July, over the weekend and on Monday, 29 July. However, Unite were not available on these dates. A meeting between LibertyBus and Unite has now been set for next week, on Thursday, 1 August.

LibertyBus are eager to meet with Unite for talks to ensure strike action can be averted and to ensure there is no disruption to the travelling public and the Island as a whole.

They are using strike action as a first resort, rather than a last resort. It is frustrating in the extreme that we and the travelling public of Jersey are treated with such contempt. To be clear, there is only one driver seeking reinstatement and to reiterate on the matter of shifts, Unite have not approached LibertyBus on this issue. They know we cannot reinstate a driver convicted in court, but on other issues, we need to know what their difficulties are, in order for us to try to address them.

LibertyBus retains 154 members of staff, out of which 51 members voted to strike on these matters - which translates to 33% of the entire workforce.


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