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Personalised timetables a Jersey first

LibertyBus is asking for your help to test a new feature on our website – personalised timetabling.

As most people make the same bus journey regularly, the majority of the information in a printed timetable booklet is not relevant to them. Online personalised timetables just present the information from your chosen stop to your destination – and back again – cutting out the irrelevant detail.  People can then print these out and use them instead of the big compendium timetables, cutting out waste, protecting the environment and making travel easier.

The feature is brand new – the next step up from an online journey planner – and has been launched as a beta test version on the site today. LibertyBus is asking for the Jersey public to give it a try and to let them know how well it works.  To make a personalised timetable, simply plan a trip using the journey planner and then click on ‘make a personal timetable’ on the results page.

“We believe that the personalised timetable tool is the most advanced of its kind in the bus industry – a real Jersey first.” said Kevin Hart, General Manager of LibertyBus. “It makes a personal timetable for you even if you have a choice of buses or need to change. For example, if you are travelling from St Aubin’s Bay to Gorey Pier, the timetable will include information from the 12, 12A, and 15 timetables, and then present the best change at Liberation Station onto the 1, 1a or 2.”

“The feature is a beta test – there are over half a million possible timetable combinations so we can’t test them all.  We’d like the Jersey public to help us put it through its paces and let us know if they find any glitches. In the future, we hope that printing out and keeping your personal timetable will become more commonplace than using big timetable booklets, making travel easier and protecting the environment.”

You can find out more about personalised timetables here 


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