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Route 4 and route 20 timetable revisions

Please find below the new route times for the first inbound journeys on the route 4 and the route 20, starting from Monday 18 February:

Route 20 - Monday to Friday

Patier Road 07:30
Cottage Homes 07:34
Langley Avenue 07:36
Troy Court 07:38
Robin Hood 07:42
Hotel De France 07:45
Liberation Station 07:55
Liberation Station 08:00
Broad Street GPO 08:05
Haute Vallee School 08:15


Route 4 - Monday to Friday School days only

Les Platons Junction 07:30
Highfield Country Apts 07:33
Le Vesconte Monument 07:34
Bouley Bay -
Bouley Bay Apts 07:35
Trinity Church 07:37
Augres Garage 07:40
Langley Park 07:46
Troy Court -
New Street 07:56
Robin Hood -
Liberation Station 08:05
Haute Vallee School  08:15


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