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Routes 25 & 27 - Shuttle Bus for the Road works

Routes 25 & 27 - Road works and closure on St John’s Road

Between 0930 & 1630, Monday to Friday the road at Union Inn/Sionwill be closed due to roadworks.

During the total road closure, Libertybus will provide shuttle buses to meet all services at each end of the works. Please wait at your bus stop at the normal time.

Route 25 will depart Liberation Station, and travel up Trinity Hill for all passengers requiring transport to the north of the roadworks (Hautes Croix to Sion). A shuttle bus will meet passengers at Hautes Croix to transport them as far as the north end of the roadworks.

Passengers requiring transport to the south end of the roadworks (Queen’s Road up to Union Inn) should board the shuttle bus which will arrive at Stand Jjust after the scheduled service has departed.

Passengers on the route 27 inbound to the north end of the roadworks (Sion etc.) will transfer onto a shuttle bus at Hautes Croix to continue their journey. Passengers travelling to town will remain on the bus as it travels to town, via Trinity Hill.

Please note that that the exact area of the roadworks are changing daily, and the shuttle buses will take you as far as possibly up to the north/south ends of the roadworks. Please take care when walking along the main road to the next bus stop, if your bus stop is in the 'middle' of the roadworks. 

The road works are likely to continue until the end of October. We will update all passengers should this date move forward or backwards.

School buses will follow the same diversion when the road is closed. Please ensure that all students are advised that they might need to board a shuttle bus for the last leg of their journey home.

Please expect delays during total closure. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

For more information, call 828555 or email:


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