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Jersey's new smartcard will be called the AvanchiCard

LibertyBus is pleased to announce that its new Smart Card, to be introduced new year, will be called AvanchiCard, after a competition that was organised with local schools.

Each school year group chose their favourite smartcard name, which was then entered into a shortlisting process to pick the final three choices. The final choice was made in an online poll by the Island’s pupils.

Avanchi (Jerriais: advance/move forward) received the most votes. Congratulations to Sophie Venton at Grainville School who receives a year’s free bus travel with a brand new SmartCard reflecting the new name. The runner-up entries were GoldCard (submitted by Tristan Burns, Le Rocquier) and Vivre Card (submitted by Lloyd Skittrall also of Le Rocquier). The competition reflected the same community involvement as the previous public vote for the bus livery and the naming of the new service.

Francesca Rotheram of LibertyBus commented, “All the entries we received were fantastic and we are really grateful for the support we received from local schools. Unfortunately some of the suggested entries were already in use in the UK and further afield but the overall standard of the names suggested was very impressive.”

Plans to roll out the Avanchi Card

In January system testing will be taking place to make sure everything works. We will also be developing the systems for topping up and renewing the AvanchiCard online and this process will go on for several months. We are looking for volunteers to help us beta test the AvanchiCard. Please email if you would like to help us with this.

In February AvanchiCards will be introduced for all new and renewed concessionary passes making it easier for older people in Jersey to get out and about.

In April AvanchiCards will be available for children and young people travelling to school during the summer term. Existing school vouchers will, of course, continue to be honoured.
In June we aim to have a full launch of the AvanchiCard system. Everyone using the bus network will be able to benefit from using the AvanchiCard and will be able to use our website to top up and renew.

We will keep Islanders fully up to date on the very latest AvanchiCard developments here on our website

Key AvanchiCard facts

Smartcard systems like the Avanchi card bring real benefits to the travelling public. To board a bus using the AvanchiCard a customer will simply need to tell the driver where they are going and touch the card on a bright yellow card reader. There is no need for a cash transaction – saving passengers the need to have change for the bus and greatly speeding up boarding times.

When the AvanchiCard system is launched fully in June, the cards will be available at Liberation Station. Children and young people using the school bus service will be able to get theirs for the summer term through their schools.

Customers can choose between adding credit to their AvanchiCard so they can pay as they go. Alternatively, the full range of great value passes will also be available on AvanchiCards. When the customer has used their credits or the pass expires, customers can add fresh credit or fresh passes to their existing cards either online or at Liberation Station.

The Concessionary Passes scheme that provides free bus travel for older people in Jersey will also use AvanchiCard technology.


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